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My English Class – Learn Spoken English Through Odia: Hello English learners, a warm welcome to your English learning channel – My English Class, where we teach you Spoken English through Odia. Our spoken English channel focuses on Odia speakers.

Speaking English is always challenging especially if it’s not your mother tongue. If you speak and understand Odia, @MyEnglishClass (Learn English through Odia) lesson would help you become fluent in English faster.

Education – Odia to English Translation

Our English lessons are well-planned understanding. Your goal is to speak English fluently and confidently, our English lesson plans are a perfect match for you.

Easy-to-understand lesson format covering topics such as English Pronunciation and Conversation practice help you learn all the English skills essential to speak confidently.

We believe in the language acquisition approach. You can only acquire the language, similarly, you have acquired your mother tongue. Stay connected with us.