GK Questions in English Quiz-(13)

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General Knowledge

General Knowledge MCQ Quiz -13 (GK Questions with Answers)

GK Questions Quiz-13

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1. By what phase angle the velocity is ahead of displacement in S.H.M?

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2. The Indian Pipe Plant or Monotrapa can be best placed in which among the following groups?

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3. What is the S.I unit of frequency?

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4. What is the S.I unit of Latent heat of fusion?

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5. Which among the following is correct about Blood Group B ?

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6. Butter is a ________?

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7. Which among the following virus is also called as “Hit & Hide” Virus?

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8. Which of these metals is most commonly used as control rods in the nuclear reactors?

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9. Which among the following is correct about biocenosis?

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10. What happens to the frequency of the pendulum if it is suspended from the ceiling of the lift moving up ward with constant acceleration?

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11. Which part of the plant Raphanus sativus is edible?

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12. Plants growing on marshy areas are commonly called as _____?

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13. Which of the following quantum number is also known as orbital angular momentum?

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14. Who among the following is credited to work for the unification of electricity, magnetism and optics field of Physics?

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15. Which of the following represents Reduction?

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16. Which among the following is correct ?

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17. What are the nuclei of different atoms containing same number of neutrons known as?

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18. The hard part of a stem of a plant is because of ________?

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19. Which among the following is NOT a primary nutrient for plants? 

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20. Which among the following is Fool’s Gold?

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