GK Questions in English Quiz-(10)

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General Knowledge

General Knowledge MCQ Quiz -10 (GK Questions with Answers)

GK Questions Quiz-10

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1. The drainage basin of Gingee River forms a part of which of the following in India?

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2. Which of the following Mountain passes forms the ‘tri-junction’ of India, China, and Myanmar?

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3. Sigur Plateau is located in which of the following states of India?

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4. Which of the following is India’s largest salt-producing state?

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5. Which among the following Island of the Andaman & Nicobar islands contains the only known examples of mud volcanoes in India, called locally “jalki”?

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6. Campbell Bay is located in which of the following places in India?

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7. Which of the following rivers does not flow into the Arabian Sea?

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8. Jamuna river of Bangladesh is _______river of India?

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9. Who is known as the "Mahatma"?

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10. Which of the following is the highest waterfall of the Chotanagpur plateau?

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11. The Godavari-Krishna mangroves is located in which of the following state of India?

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12. Which of the following subgroup of Lakshadweep island was previously known as Cannanore Islands?

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13. Which of the following desert is located in India?

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14. Krishna River flows through which of the following states?

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15. If a match live commentary in Delhi commences at 10.00 am, at what time the viewer in London should tune into?

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16. Sutlej river originates from which of the following lakes?

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17. The longest natural urban beach in India, Marina beach is located in which of the following coastal plain of India?

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18. Which is the name of the longest river in Peninsular India?

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19. Indravati Hydro Electric Project belongs to which state?

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20. Tel river is a tributary of which of the following rivers?

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