Formative Assessment 2023

Formative Assessment in BSE Odisha 2023

Board of Secondary Education (BSE) Odisha, the governing body for secondary education in the state of Odisha, India, has implemented the concept of formative assessment in the educational system.

Formative assessment is a process of ongoing evaluation of students’ learning and performance, with the aim of improving future learning outcomes. It is a continuous process that takes place throughout the academic year and provides feedback to students, teachers, and parents. This helps in identifying areas where students need improvement and support and help in modifying instructional strategies to better meet the needs of the students.

BSE Odisha has introduced formative assessment for classes 6 to 8 and for high school classes, in all government and private schools affiliated with the board. The aim of this initiative is to provide students with timely feedback, so they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on improving their performance.

The formative assessment is conducted through various means, such as regular class tests, quizzes, assignments, and projects. These assessments are used to evaluate students’ understanding and application of the subject matter. The results of the formative assessment are used to determine the student’s progress, and the teacher provides feedback to help the students understand their weaknesses and strengths.

The formative assessment process also benefits teachers by providing them with insights into the student’s learning styles and the effectiveness of their teaching methods. It enables teachers to modify their teaching strategies based on the student’s needs and to better cater to their learning requirements.

Parents are also involved in the formative assessment process, as they receive regular updates on their children’s progress. This helps them stay informed about their children’s academic performance and provides them with an opportunity to discuss any concerns with the teachers.

In conclusion, formative assessment is a critical component of the educational system in BSE Odisha. It provides students, teachers, and parents with regular feedback and enables continuous improvement in the learning process. The implementation of formative assessment in the state is a step towards ensuring quality education for all students and helping them reach their full potential.

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