GK Questions in English Quiz-(15)

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General Knowledge

General Knowledge MCQ Quiz -15 (GK Questions with Answers)

GK Questions Quiz-15

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1. The term ‘operation flood’ refers to which of the following?

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2. As per the ISFR 2019, the increase of forest cover is highest in which of the following state of India?

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3. Which of the following is the ore of Aluminium?

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4. Which among the following project is a joint agreement between India and Nepal?

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5. G arboreum, G herbaceum, G hirsutum and G barbadense are the species of which of the following crops in India? (G = Gossypium)

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6. Which of the following is the tallest untiered waterfall of India?

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7. What is ‘El Nino’ which is associated with the formation of the South West Monsoon of India?

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8. Which of the following states of India has high potentials for solar energy?

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9. The lake which formed due to the meandering of rivers in the plain is known as by which of the following name?

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10. The headquarter of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) is situated in which of the following places of India?

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11. Kanha National Park belongs to which of the following bio-geographical areas?

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12. Which of the following type of rocks in India produces manganese?

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13. “Sohra” is the local name of which of the following hill stations?

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14. Which of the following rock systems in India is the main source of coal deposits?

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15. Bishrampur is famous for which of the following mines?

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16. The valley of flowers is located in which of the following places?

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17. Which among the following matches of Dams and their corresponding states is not correct?

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18. Which one of the following is a major cash crop of Uttarakhand?

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19. Which one of the following is the wettest place in India?

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20. Farmers are requested to mix lime with soil while farming their fields. This is because of which of the following?

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