AF Full forms in English- What are the Full forms of AF? (85+ Fullforms)

AF Full forms in English: Here you can find out what are the full forms of AF? apart from this so many Full forms of AF from different categories. You no longer have to look for the Full forms of AF, AF Full forms in English. which are the categories used every day. Such as educational, communicational, medical, political, Information Technology, Science, School, College, and many more. which are listed below.

AF Full forms in English

What are the full forms of AF Worldwide?

By the way, AF has a lot of Full forms. Which is popular in various categories. This post is full of details. Read the full article to find out which category you want to know. I hope you find the information you need.

AF Full forms in English- What are the Full forms of AF?

AF Non-Profit Organizations Abraham Fund
AF Coins Absolutely Fake
AF Miscellaneous Absolutely Fantastic
AF Physics Acceleration Factor
AF Non-Profit Organizations Access Fund
AF Physiology Acid-Fast
AF Internet Acronym Finder
AF Geology Across Flats
AF Hobbies Action Figure
AF Military Administrative Failure
AF Physiology Adult Female
AF Assembly Advanced Functions
AF Countries Afghanistan
AF Language Codes (2 Letters) Afrikaans
AF Farming & Agriculture After Fall
AF Gaming After Fantasy
AF Sports After Ford
AF Construction After Foundation
AF Science Fiction After Life
AF Music Agnostic Front
AF Construction Agreed Framework
AF Air Force Air Force
AF Transportation Airway Facilities
AF News & Media Akademi Fantasia
AF Famous & Celebs Alexander Ferguson
AF Hobbies All Fake
AF Construction All Flat
AF Companies & Firms Alliance Francophone
AF Military Allied Forces
AF French Allocations Familiales
AF Products Almost Free
AF Science Fiction Alternative Future
AF Products Aluminium Filler
AF US Government American Flag
AF Military American Forces
AF Non-Profit Organizations American Forests
AF Politics American Front
AF Physiology Amniotic Fluid
AF Science Fiction Anarchist Federation
AF Hobbies Ancestral File
AF Physics Anisotropic Filtering
AF Gaming Another Future
AF Politics Anti Federation
AF Products Anti Flag
AF Physiology Anti-Fatigue
AF Laboratory Anti-Fungal
AF Physiology Aortic Flow
AF General Computing Application Framework
AF Military Appropriated Funds
AF Mathematics Approximately Finite
AF Miscellaneous April Fool
AF Military Armed Forces
AF Gaming Armour Factor
AF General Business Arrow From
AF Non-Profit Organizations Arthritis Foundation
AF Physiology Asked For
AF Telecom Assured Forwarding
AF Cities Atlanta-Fulton
AF Electronics Attenuation Factor
AF News & Media Audio Frequency
AF Military Augmentation Force
AF Chemistry Augmented Formulation
AF Names and Nicknames Aunt Flo
AF Software Authentication Framework
AF Software Authority File
AF Software Auto-Finish
AF Electronics Automatic Filter
AF News & Media Automatic Focus
AF Internet Automotive Forums
AF Medical Atrial Fibrillation
AF Software After Effects
AF Indian Railway Station AGRA FORT
AF Chemistry Air Freshener
AF Chemistry Added Fluoroelastomer
AF Electronics Anode Fall
AF Banking All Funds
AF Messaging At First
AF Accounts and Finance Active Fifo (first-in, First-out)
AF Space Science Aft Fuselage
AF Space Science Aerobrake Ferry
AF Computer Assembly Language Address Family
AF Maths Array Formula
AF Physics Related Alternating Field
AF Military and Defence Abbreviated Form
AF Military and Defence Advance Fighting
AF Military and Defence Amphibious Force


AF Full forms Stand for other Country

Not only in India but also outside India, the AF’s full Form stands for big brands. Which could be a Company. There can be an educational institution. Otherwise, it could be a media house, there are so many Big brands. Which may be National or international with the short name AF. which are listed below.

USA American Front Politics AF
USA American Forces Military AF
Worldwide Afghanistan Country AF
USA American Flag US Govt. AF
Worldwide Air Force Air Force AF
Worldwide Abraham Fund Non-Profit Org. AF

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